Petro venezuela crypto

petro venezuela crypto

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On 20 February, Venezuela became the first country to issue a cryptocurrency, the petro. This decision, which appears as an attempt from the Venezuelan. The Venezuelan national cryptocurrency, the Petro (PTR) will cease to operate on Jan. 15, according to press reports. The coin was created in. Petro is a cryptocurrency proposed by the government of Venezuela to circumvent international sanctions against it and revive the country's.
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It also led to a crackdown on bitcoin mining operations in the country where other cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have been a hugely popular guard against hyperinflation and the deflation of the bolivar. The government forced banks to present their balances in both bolivars and petros. Additionally, it could undermine the cryptocurrency's value. The Petro was launched in but has failed to gain traction or help solve the country's economic problems.